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We excel in developing innovative, superior nutrition and animal care products that align with strict European standards at competitive prices. Our diverse range, including also chemicals and cleaning equipment, emphasizes sustainable, eco-friendly solutions. Each product in our portfolio is designed to enhance animal well-being and meet the demands of our worldwide clients.

Bacvir Animal Safety

Dedicated to animal welfare, communities and our planet.

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Animal nutrition

The best nutrition to improve the health and welfare of livestock on farms of all sizes.


Pet Products

Custom supplements for happier and healthier pets.



Premium quality agricultural additives to improve quality and superior end-result.

Free Range Chicken Farm


The optimal additives to enhance the productivity of livestock on farms of all scales.

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Mineral blocks and buckets

Supplements for ruminants grazing on low-quality pastures and for animals are fed low quality forages.

Cleaning Services

Specialised machinery

Specialised machinery and equipment to assist with hygiene

and disinfection.


Hygiene & disinfection

Hygiene & disinfection products expertly designed to provide maximum protection.


Water purifiers

Water treatment solutions to help manage water resources in an environmentally responsible manner.



High-quality additives tailored for aquaculture, designed to enhance the health and productivity of aquatic life.

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Our Advantatges

We serves a diverse international clientele, extending our reach and expertise across global markets.

Taylor-made products

We collaborate intimately with our clients, crafting tailor-made solutions that align with their unique demands.

Any type of farms or industries

We are equipped to cater to clients of any size or type, providing solutions for a wide range of needs.

Best sellers and latest products


Natural control of fever and hyperthermia

  • Marked antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity

  • Alternative to antipyretic drugs for the treatment of processes that cause fever (infections, inflammations, etc.)

  • Does not cause gastrointestinal side effects, common after the use of anti-inflammatory medications (gastric ulcers and other digestive pathologies).

  • Rapid onset of action: 30 minutes after administration, maximum plasma levels are reached

  • Does not require a veterinary prescription

  • No withdrawal period

  • Helping with the treatment of infectious diseases of the respiratory tract (IBR, influenza, etc.)

Animal hygiene - Product


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